Philipp Mohr Design Studio Berlin

EMSER Str 115

12051 Berlin 


Phone: +49 (0)171 5603725

Email: Mail@philippmohr.com

Philipp Mohr Design Studio NEW YORK

330 Wythe Ave 4E

Brooklyn NY, 11211


+1 646 732 5265


Philipp Mohr Design Studio LLC is a Berlin and Brooklyn based creative collective of visionaries with a range of 1-20 artists, designers, architects and copyrighters.  We offer branding experience design, product design, digital design and beyond. The design process is a very important aspect of our work. Sustainability and effective production methods in construction play a major role in our work. We strive to make a positive change to the environment in whatever way we can by using local materials, reusing existing conditions if possible and choosing sustainable and non-toxic products. We believe in an honest, fair, simple and pleasant work environment for our clients, co-workers and contractors.

German- American artist Philipp Mohr has backgrounds in Art, Design, Architecture and Civil Engineering. He worked and studied with artist and designers such as Peter Eisenman, Annabelle Selldorf, Winka Dubbeldam, Giorgio Grassi, Calvin Tsao & Zack McKown, David Easton, Jamie Drake, David Kleinberg, Fairfax & Sammons, Arquitectonica, Tobias Wong, Robert The, Desi Santiago and Ju$t Another Rich Kid.

Mohr studied and taught at international schools such as the Bauhaus Weimar, Cooper Union New York, Pratt University, Columbia University, WAAC Virginia Tech Washington DC, Polytechnic University Milan, INJEP Versailles Paris, TU Berlin. He founded PMDS in 1991 working on and off on his own and at various architecture companies for 25 years.

Recent clients include: BMW Motorrad, Mini Cooper, Samsung, Mark Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Loewe, and The Wall Group, Faberge, Abercrombie & Fitch, DKNY, Prada, KARKULA, Antique Cafe, Whole Foods, YMCA, Derek and Shannon Cianfrance, Frederique Van der Wal and Michael Bloomberg among many others.

In collaboration with artists such as Tobias Wong, Desi Santiago, Ju$t Another Rich Kid, Robert The and others Mr. Mohr and his team created exhibitions and art objects displayed at the Louvre in Paris, MoMA, SF MoMA, Kunsthal Rotterdam, Collette Paris/ Tokyo, Moss/ New York and Costume National in SoHO/ New York.